Goodreads… Gwessie Tee’s Reviews: Reunited With Her Army Doc (Five Stars): It was amazing. Utterly fantastic read, definitely love this book and looking forward to reading the next one too. I won't give spoilers what I will say is that this awesome read has everything you can want as well as a little mystery, I utterly adore this story and the characters and glad there will be more.

-- ** --

Saved by Doctor Dreamy by Dianne Drake: What an enjoyable, fast-paced read Ms. Drake has penned in this story about a heroine wanting to become more independent, a hero running from his past and where the plot kept me entertained from start to finish due to the medical challenges these two face, their back stories and their growing relationship...Overall, Ms. Drake has penned a really good read in this book where the chemistry was wonderful, the main characters illustrate really well that opposites do attract, and the ending was gratifying.”
~ Sara@HarlequinJunkie

-- ** --     

The Nurse and the Single Dad By Dianne Drake: This was my first time reading a “Harlequin Medical Romance”, which I really enjoyed, given my years of working in healthcare and hospitals specifically. I will definitely look for others...” ~ Sara @HarlequinJunkie

-- ** --     

“As always Dianne never fails to deliver and prove without a shadow of doubt there is hope after tragedy, even if you are not looking for it, and love is always the best medicine, thank you for a truly touching story.” ~ Gwessie Tee

-- ** --

“This was a beautifully written book. This story brought tears to my eyes...” ~ Paula Legate

-- ** --          

“...the Nora Roberts of medicals.”- Author Susan Carlisle

-- ** --     

Two Dianne Drakes under the one cover was an enjoyable treat!
-From Mills & Boon website

-- ** --     

What a sweet romance...I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and look forward to reading more of Ms. Drakes’ work.
- From Coffee Time Romance

-- ** --     

I recently discovered her, and enjoy her tremendously.
- Found on Smart Bitches Trashy Books

-- ** --     

For a medical romance this story has more than enough action and drama to hold anyone’s interest, and the romance is only a small portion of its appeal.
- From Coffee Time Romance

-- ** --

Reviewed on the Mills & Boon website:

Firefighter With A Frozen Heart - An excellent story written with emotional depth and understanding.

Engrossing and probably Mrs Drake's best yet.
- Ten out of ten

-- ** --

P.S. You’re a Daddy: This is a story of the love for a sister and family. Funny and loving, laughed, cried and waited for the happy ever after. Good read!

-- ** --

 A Child to Heal Their Hearts: “To be honest a book set in a holiday camp for recovering sick children didn't sound an appealing subject and I'm also not particularly keen when children form a large part of the plot. However Mrs Drake has written so compellingly about this that I was able to forget my prejudices. Reid is an engaging and dedicated hero while enigmatic at first, Keera's emotions were portrayed realistically and sympathetically. There were unexpected turns in the plot and I ended up thoroughly enjoying this book. Nine out of ten"



Bachelor Doc,
Unexpected Dad

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How can it be summer already? Last time I checked, it was winter. Then I took a nap and when I woke up my summer flowers were in bloom. It happened so fast, I almost missed it. Or, maybe I did hibernate the spring away. Whatever the case, there’s evidence to prove that I must have come out of my cave a few times because I have two books coming out. One in August 2018 (Bachelor Doc, Unexpected Dad) and one in October (Second Chance with Her Army Doc).

So, now that it’s summer, what are your plans? A nice vacation, maybe? We actually took our yearly vacation early, to beat the crowds. Went to the mountains in March, when everybody else was heading to Florida, or someplace else warm. I love out-of-season trips, though. You get to catch a glimpse of areas that might look different with the coming of the tourists. And, there are no crowds. That’s usually the best part because we love wandering around at our own pace, and not the pace of the crowd surrounding us.

So, except for a couple of long weekends, we haven’t planned another longer trip. But, one thing I really want to do is read. Ideally, I’ll be able to take a few days off my regular schedule, snuggle in and read all day, maybe even all night. What will I read, though? I’m thinking Nancy Drew. I have several first editions and a larger collection that came about during my childhood. My favorites are the first editions where a car is called a “machine” and where Nancy’s car had a rumble seat. What a treat reading Nancy in her origins.

Besides Nancy, I want to re-visit a few other favorites: Gene Stratton-Porter’s A Girl of the Limberlost; Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables; Elizabeth George Speare’s The Witch of Blackbird Pond. What amazing times I had reading these books when I was young!

How long has it been since you’ve re-visited the books of your childhood? Did they shape part of who you are now? The books I read certainly did. Especially one – a romance from Mills & Boon. My mother forbade me from reading “those” kinds of books because they were a bad influence, but I snuck them in, anyway. The one that made the biggest impression (unfortunately I remember neither the title nor the author) took place on a ranch in Africa. It introduced me to a world I didn’t know existed. Made me want to go there. And, in a way, I did, because look what I do now. I write the books my mother forbade me to read. I only wish she’d have lived long enough to see me as an author of several of “those” books, and know the real influence they made on me. Reading them as a child changed my life.

If you haven’t read a romance novel in a while—romance in any of its many manifestations—or any book you loved as a child, this summer is a great time to do it. Invest a few hours, be surprised or amazed again, walk away with a good feeling. And please, take a look at my books while you’re investing those hours. If you like medicine and drama mixed into your romance, I’ll do my best to come up with more blood pressure spikes, some galloping heartbeats and a happily-ever-after that won’t disappoint.

Wishing you health & happiness.



Army doc Matt McClain and career woman Ellie Landers share one unforgettable night, never expecting to meet again. Until Ellie arrives on Matt’s doorstep—pregnant! Matt has just become guardian to his orphaned nephew, and the nomadic medic isn’t ready to be a father of two! But faced with losing Ellie and their baby, Matt might just realize that he has what it takes to make them a family.

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